Good movie but not the topic today. I am Groot, very groot today. First the Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 trailer dropped with extra footage -goose bumps- also Marvel and Fox’s new anticipated show LEGION released. The first 50 minutes of the pilot were amazing- being a fan of non-linear storytelling and psychological thrillers I loved it- but suddenly things took the turn for the worse with the talk of ‘chosen one/ the one’ and the secret mutant organization being hunter by the authorities. What the epic trailer had led me believe was this show will be more like Mr.Robot with superpowers instead of hacking and with Legion’s multiple personality abilities and schizophrenic state it is hard not to expect watching a lonely guy with an inner struggle to keep his sanity and an outer one with society. Do not forget that Legion is an omega level mutant- his mutant abilities defy limitations. For a guy so powerful that he can destroy the world whenever he wants to, it only makes sense that his main issue will be his inner conflict and schizophrenia. That is what TV is for, inner struggle, character development and scenes that do not require a lot of CGI too often. Sadly this show has chosen the Alphas and Heroes path – and we all know those shows were dead long before they even reached their last seasons. Defenders will be good but that is not your typical super-humans drama. Its tone is set entirely different with pre-established heroes teaming up, just like in the MCU. Anyway it is too early to say anything about the show so fingers crossed.

In other news, Samurai Jack just announced a release date, March 11. While Young Justice will be rebooting on Oct 2. Two great shows, revived at last. No surprise since both have been announced at least an year earlier and also nostalgia is hot, way more than it ever was. It is that human emotion that creates a feeling of sentimental attachment to stuff you had as kids and thus prevents your from the embarrassment that you have been watching crappy 3rd grade shows/dramas/songs. Looking at you, Pokemon GO.

In even more news, PSL-2 opening ceremony is on right now. No disrespect to Shehzad Roy he is a really nice person but seriously he is a terrible terrible singer. Still I don not blame him though, he is just another PTV dabba-pack singer. I blame MM-Momina Mustehsan. She is just the worst. Don’t care who wins anymore. I have had enough of watching cricket for a lifetime. Later 🙂


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