Pakistan, Pre-PSL Final

This might be the last post I am writing before the PSL-2 final and we all know everything will change after that so here is to new beginnings and a new country filled with peace, prosperity and justice.

PSL-2 Final will be in Lahore this week, 5.3.17. Since PSL-2 started in UAE and the Lahore final was announced, we had 3 major bombs in the country. 2 in Karachi and one in Lahore. Death toll in around 20-30 with more than 50 injured. PSL officials responded by wearing black bands to say ‘you can’t force us to stay away from playing in Pakistan’, except it blew up in our faces when this only gave the bombings more media coverage worldwide. Thus establishing on solid ground how unsafe Pakistan is. In all the teams combined, only 8 foreign players are willing (for now) to come to Pakistan. Only Quetta has qualified for the final yet and none of their foreign players are coming.

So what is our plan to deal with the situation? The plan is to have an ‘unprecedented’ security plan that was just announced today. Lahore in one mile radius around the Gaddaffi stadium will remain under curfew for the whole day. Electricity and gas will be cut off in the area during match timings. Phone service will remain blocked. Full lock-down of markets, offices and schools etc. Roads will be kept clear for the day. Army will provide security to the players’ buses from airport to hotel to stadium and back.

Flawless. This already makes me all warm and cozy on the inside. I don’t know what impression we want to give to the world but it is definitely not, ‘Pakistan is a safe country. Come play with us.’ Not like this. They are treating it as it will be the turning point for Pakistan cricket and I hope it does but Zimbabwe already played a whole series here and that did not open any doors of international cricket to us, so what will one league match prove? Anyway, fingers crossed for a safe day and hoping for the best for Pakistan.

*Won’t be watching the match though. I have other things far more important to do. Like watch a movie or something. Don’t get me wrong, I loved cricket once with all my heart but it was not kind to me. This sickening one-sided relationship with team Pakistan had to be cut off and thrown away for me to live, so I did. Besides I haven’t watched a single PSL-2 match so why this one? Happy for the cricket lovers. Later 🙂


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