Almost Summer

It’s already the 2nd week of March yet the winter shows no signs of leaving any time soon. It’s sunny by day but also chilly after it rained yesterday. This morning I decided to ditch the jersey and start the summer on my own. I have this feeling that if people stop wearing jerseys and start having ruhafza, this will be a much need confidence boost for the shy summer of 2017. I haven’t gone far from home when I realize, as much as I like summer to just start already I would also like not to die of pneumonia. So I went back and took the hoodie. My trusty hoodie of this fall. I always think of wearing something else next day but it has become part of my skin now. This is my clothes cycle. Wear them till they lose color washing or burn to ash or something else to a similar effect. Each semester I have a look that stick with me throughout and also songs, which I later start to hate for bringing back bad memories after a bad semester. When a good day gets ruined because someone played a song I used to listen in 2nd semester. Plan is to not listen to any music but my mind will find a way to keep me busy being depressed over past. Praying for a happy summer. Later 🙂


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