Sarcastic Irony

I never realize how sarcastic I am till I meet some friend of a friend. Normally if I met someone new I will be okay but being with your friends and a new people come along. My whole so called ‘appeal’ for lack of a better word, revolves around being sarcastic without offending anyone. By sarcasm here I mean just saying something ironically while meaning the opposite, no contempt. When people get me literally it makes them think I am a horrible human being and I cannot live with that. I can pretend that I do not care what people think of me but I do care inside. I crave approval and need to be liked by everyone. However it’s even worse when I cannot tell if the other person was being sarcastic. Was it a compliment or a mockery? Maybe I ask this because I do not think of me as a compliment worthy person. Is this what’s my opinion of me? Also what’s with the people who do not understand sarcasm under any circumstances. Is sense of sarcasm a thing which they lack? Is this a medical condition? Perhaps later. TC 🙂


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