The cockroach who lived

Summer 2015, I was showering when something brushed against my toe. My eyes shifted instantly to find a cockroach running for his life. Contrary to what some people I know may think, I do not fear cockroaches. I find one, I kill one. That time however I was so disgusted by it and my skin was doing that think it does when something creepy touches you and I could not squash that hit and run convict in time. He got away. I am saying he although it could be a she, but I don’t want the first non-mehrum brushing against my toe be a cockroach so. Anyway, after that day he remained in the shadows, never to return to the surface. But I know the little thing.  He looked like one planny sicko. Bet he touched my toe on purpose. So he married soon after and had a lot of children. Then his children had even more children and he soon found himself telling hundreds of his grand children about our encounter. Of course he would have boasted, he was just like that, telling them how he battled with me as I threw chappals at him and tried to kill him with a broom but he got away due to his speed and bravery. Now there, right there is a generation of cockroaches who’s minds are filled with visions of grandeur.  As two years have passed, God knows how many generations of cockroaches would have heard this story by now and what area will his generations would have spread. Probably a whole lot of Pindi but also Lahore because some could have married outside the family. Because why not. That lying scum will be a legend by now and this summer generation of cockroaches will be dreaming of one day brushing against a human’s toe and living to tell the tale. I probably should have killed him. But what’s done is done. Just beware of your toes the next time you hop into shower, specially if you live in Pindi or nearby. Laters 🙂


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