Time Out

This started as a personal daily blog, then it became a bit generic but relateable weekly blog and now without even realizing it it has turned into a monthly or bimonthly ranting or semi-formal blogs. When I started, I remember hearing Grace Helbig say in a video, ‘bad experiences make good vlogs’ which was the reason I made my blog public. Rather than writing to myself about how bad the day was, I started writing them with a pinch of humor and looking back it makes me feel good about those days. My earlier tv/movie reviews were just pointless joke but they were fun and now I put a lot of though into them but they are dry and boring, because now I know more about movies perhaps and am frustrated to see a bad movie I have been anticipating for some time. Still when did getting frustrated became better than having fun out of bad situations. I need to go back, Back to the past, Samurai Jack. No, but seriously I need to go back to daily blogging. Taking about Samurai Jack, what a season SJ5 turned out to be, a perfect ending to Jack’s journey and the closure fans didn’t even know how badly they needed. Anyways I hope to write more often about the daily grind from now on with minimum rants in-between. TC 🙂


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