The Accountant

Ten years ago someone said that, accounting is so boring even the best Hollywood writers working today cannot make it cool unless they make him an action hero too. A decade later, it happened and proved why he said it. I watched it because of some good Youtube reviews when I should have trusted the Rotten Tomatoes score. Here are a few thoughts:
1- Trailer is misleading. there is not much action.
2- For a movie named The Accountant, there is not much accounting either.
3- Fight choreography is shit
4- 1st 40 mins are painfully slow
5- 10 minutes of exposition starting at 1:26 in a 2hrs long movie? That is just lazy film-making.
6- Mini stories/plot points that take a long time and have no apparent connection, wait till last 12 mins to come together. Makes me wonder if these were added later to give the movie some plot.
7- The whole cast is a list of bad casting choices (for their roles) but still none of these actors gave a bad performance.
In the end, if you want to watch a good action movie to pass time, watch something else. You welcome šŸ™‚ Later perhaps.

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