About Ehtisham

At a very early point in my life, I realized that I am not the cool type. I would pee in newly changed clothes, fall out of the bed too often, walk on two arms and drag my body and legs behind. The first word I ever said was ‘mapa’ which first of all is not a word, and second of all, who says that? This is obviously a lie my parents told me so they don’t have to tell me if I said Mama first or Papa. So basically my parents lie to me. The point here is that grace was never my stronger suit. So as I grew up I told myself, if you cannot be cool, embrace the awkwardness. Be so confident being awkward that it becomes cool. That obviously never happened, but it had helped me in accepting myself for who I am and try not to be what I don’t have in me. There is no end goal or ten years plan, just a day to day agenda to be a nicer person than Tom Hanks, Huge Jackman and Carey Mulligan combined. I try.

To tell you a little about myself, I like reading novels mostly sci-fi/epic-fantasy, and comic books mostly Image Comics. I like Youtube and Twitter, and hate TV and Facebook. I watch a lot of movies, TV shows and anime to the point that if there is any good show or movie out there, I have to not just watch it but know everything about it. The fandom I am a part of is the one I am following at that time, but basically a big Marvel fanboy (doesn’t mean I have any less affection for DC, but its like you are either a cat person or a dog person and still like all animals). Live on Twitter 24/7. If I don’t write a draft for a stand up comedy act or a short story every week my head goes chu-chu. My uni is stressful as hell. I am not a good writer, never was, but at this point this blog might be the only thing keeping me sane.

Ehtisham Ullah @echouniform69

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