Condemning Imran Khan

IK election k kareeb koi blunder na maray tou isko b sakoon nahi aata, but defending him or staying silent about an issue like this will be a sin. Bowing, prostrating or kissing steps of a shrine, all these acts are equally shameful and against Islam. Even building or visiting shrines is haram. But do not forget that almost all our major politicians have done it repeatedly in the past because there is a large group of voters who consider it a part of religion. This backlash is only because now people are educated. Many film artists and athletes visit shrines of Olia-Allah for good luck, superstition or just for show, whether they are Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christian. These are not spiritual places, but tourist spots, or even traditional as a mix of Muslim and Hindu culture. Still there is no sugarcoating it. IK is a mushrik if he believes in what he did, or a munafik if he doesn’t believe in it and did it for votes, or he is stupid if he got tricked into going there. IK is not a perfect man and this was a big mistake, a chiefly political one but a mistake nevertheless. People that are acting as if they are betrayed by this should cut the act. All politicians promise to make Pakistan a caliphate but no one really means it. We are voting for IK because he has a vision for this country, to fix systems, improve literacy, save economy and bring justice. He can be an atheist for all I care, as long as he does right by the country and does not try to impose his beliefs on us. Meanwhile if someone is doodh ka dhula, panch waqt ka nimaz and then tries to abrogate Khatam-e-Nabuat, he is the real threat to our religion. If someone is looking for a man like Hazrat Umar (RA) he can keep looking. Meanwhile we have to choose from what we have. Our religions leaders are hypocrites or spineless. We have trusted them repeatedly and every time they have betrayed us. On the flip side, traditional politicians don’t have a glimmer of faith or shame left. For better or worst, IK is the only logical choice. If he is the biting type, it will still be a better outcome than being bit by the same snake for the hundredth time. If he stays true to his word, there is nothing more we can ask for.


Which way will Nisar sit?

Ch Nisar is considered a relatively sensible politician, but in reality it’s his silence that makes him seem so. His aggression is well known but in TV programs and with press he is mellow. Media always picks sides and he makes sure they see his right one. He says little and keeps them guessing, and interested but he is just as cunning as the rest of them. e.g. First he made mix remarks about PMLN for months and months, making people guess if he was leaving the party. Then he¬†cleared that he is not leave and his life and death is with PMLN. Then he didn’t get the ticket and threatened to disclose some nasty secrets. Then PMLN announced that they won’t be giving ticket to anyone to contest him. His attitude changed overnight. Next day PMLN announced they are in fact giving party ticket to someone and he replied by attacking Marium Nawaz, saying “I did not ask for ticket, never did.” He has been planning to jump ship for a long time, but wanted to appear as the bigger man for doing so. PMLN finally gave his ticket to Qamar ul Islam, who everyone including those who oppose PMLN (like me) agree is a man of character. He is educated and well liked, having two masters degrees in Science and Philosophy and has won in the past with some record vote margins. Today, the day after he got the PMNL ticket, he is arrested by NAB, which is a big coincidence but anyway… Nisar is very spiteful. If someone opposes him in elections, he transfers that person’s close female relative working in any govt job to some far off area to make life difficult for the family. Since he had never lost, his hold on the area is strong. All police officers are hand picked by him. His campaigners use false FIR to oppress opponents in village feuds. But because he always loses from Pindori, he discriminates against it. He withheld natural gas supply project in Pindori. It’s called “Pindori Oil Fields” but Pindori didn’t get gas supply, while the surrounding villages did. So basically on ground level he is just as bad as the politicians we see on media, but he knows how to present himself.
Now the situation in NA-59 is tight:
Independent: Ch Nisar Ali Khan (Never lost yet)
PMLN: Qamar ul Islam Raja (Well liked and history of big winning margin)
PTI: Ghulam Sarwar Khan (Strongest possible candidate in this halqa after the other two, but he can defeat them because of PMLN vote splitting and the ever increasing support for Imran Khan in the area)

Mulk ko bohran say kon nikalay ga?

In 2014, Pakistan took a $35 billion loan, the highest intake in Pakistan’s history at the time. Total debt in 2014 reached $52 billion. Today total external debt is $92 billion (with annual remittance $4.8 billion), a 42.8% increase in last 4 years.
It was a 31% increase during 2008-2012 and PMLN heavily criticised PP for it in election 2013. “Zardari 10%, zardari corrupt” and “PP walay mulk ko kha gaay, itna karza kon daay ga, mulk ko bohran say kon nikalay ga”
I am not defending PP, they are corrupt and we know it, but if PMLN criticised their 30% then they should not lose their temper when PTI brings up their 40%. Their performance was even worse than PP so the criticism is well deserved.

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Making bubbles and living in them

By unfollowing people whose political views do not align with ours ‘because we can’t deal with their negativity’ means creating a personal bubble by ignoring reality and reaffirming our own opinions till they become our new reality. This is why people are shocked when their political party loses because how they viewed it, everyone was on their side. So it is important to listen to all kinds of opinions, no matter how outrageous.
Our political parties’ social media accounts are not interested in changing people’s minds because they know they can’t. Their purpose is to provide their followers with something to click on and share everyday to reaffirm their believes. They will use false accusations, character assassination, manufactured drama, hate speech or whatever it takes to make sure people stay in this loop. When a post opens with a derogatory term, no one is going to read it with an open mind. We can view, agree or ignore many things but what we share says a lot about who we are. So it is important to make sure their is no hate speech and the argument is good enough that it might change the mind of one of our friends/followers, because otherwise we are either trying to reassure ourselves or spreading hate for the sake of hate.

State Terrorism by China

Chinese president, Xi Jinping has put more than 60 thousand Muslims – reported and possibly hundreds of thousands according to estimates – into ‘re-education’ camps where they are force fed pork and alcohol, strapped to metal chairs all day and tortured till they denounce Islam. Unfortunately Xi is president for life and has full authority over legal system so no change of Govt is on the horizon and nor can any human rights organisation or country influence or intervene to stop China from doing so. Every day Muslim families are going missing and here we are helping it expand it’s influence in exchange for easy loans. Beggars can’t be choosers but it’s important to realise that China is no better than Israel.

Crime and Punishment in Islam

In islam, the whole point of harsh open and public punishments like chopping off a hand, stoning to death and being whipped for a crime is to make theft, rape/adultery, murder and other crimes unthinkable. Today a person kills another and gets a life sentence, that is later reduced to half and the person is free again in a few years using some influence. Justice is, eye for an eye, life for a life. Not one’s life for a few years of the other’s. Islam is not interested in filling prisons with criminals. It wants to eradicate crime from society. A punishment should make the criminal change for better or make it an example for the society. A punishment should be so humiliating and terrifying that even the possibility of it should make the person reconsider his actions, thus reducing crime. If the Sharia Law is implemented today, we may think it will lead to a bloodbath or ‘inhumane justice’ but it won’t. During the caliphate, these punishments were not common occurrences because crime rate was low. One can argue that the world today where justice system belongs to the powerful, there will be an abuse of power with this system too. But it is important not to forget that Sharia Law requires solid proof, proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person committed the crime to justify these punishments. It required 2 or more eye witnesses and in modern times, fingerprints, video and DNA evidence, bank statements or anything that clearly proves that the crime was committed by the person. The proof is made public, same as the punishment so their is no doubt about it among the masses. Allah knows that requiring such solid evidence means some culprits will walk free of charge, so they are warned about the wrath of Allah in this world and the hereafter. There are fail safes in place so no innocent person can be punished for a crime s/he didn’t commit. No one is operating a chopping machine here as the western media have made some Muslims believe. What we are trying to fix in Pakistan is a system that is fundamental flawed, there to help the powerful and the clever who can find loopholes in the wordings of the law. Name one country where this system is not being exploited. America for example, if we watch HBO documentaries and shows like Last Week Tonight we will realise that their justice system is probably more messed up than ours. We need to stop being ashamed of the Islamic justice system according to Sharia Law and start to own it. It’s an effective system and we by faith believe in it. If we don’t then we are picking and choosing among parts of religion that we like and the ones we don’t, and that’s not what you call being a believer.

Hidden Powers

We Pakistanis love talking about hidden powers. It’s the khalai makhlook that doesn’t want NS in power. It’s the yahoodi sazish that is promoting IK. It’s the foreign agencies that are bringing people to PP jalsas, or the sources of dollars for ANP to oppose Kalabagh dam. This fear of the unknown is rooted in our history with the deaths of our leaders like Liaquat Ali Khan, Zia Ul Haq and Benazir Bhutto by nameless attackers sent my unknown puppeteers. Our politician like threatening about uncovering these hidden faces in talk shows, or exploiting the masses by using these unspecific words to convey a sense of foul play and gain support from their followers. The reason we have endured so much injustices, lies, corruption and more, and not yet reached a point to say, ‘enough is enough’ is because we are always waiting from a Messiah to come flying from the sky and save us. We are asking army to build dams and we will donate 2000 rupees each or Chief Justice to take suo moto action, then looking at Army again to impose those rulings of Supreme Court. We forget that its us who elect the leaders who’s responsibilities are to manage problems like above. We like blaming the hidden powers because if we starting holding ourselves accountable for these problems, no one will rest at home. People will be in the streets to demand their rights and fight injustice. Someone will be shouting that corruption is not okay.