Traffic Issue

If they treat congested market places as tourist spots by making parkades alongside main roads, ban all vehicles from entering markets’ inner streets (or limit them with a tax/ticket for entering and issue passes for any residents) and have electric shuttles roam around the streets like they do in parks, it wont cost that much but shopping will be so much easier and also streets will look much better. This will also solve the problem of vibrations and smoke damaging historical and old architecture buildings which are commonly located in our bazaars but neglected. Obviously its practicality depends on the area and availability of a nearby highway or wide road to provide alternate routes but in most places I think it can work.


How to be unbiased on the internet

An unbiased person is a myth. Everyone picks a side, some just express it more passionately. Only ones who are truly unbiased are those who either dont know about the issue or have no interest in it. But there is a simple way to trick people into thinking that you are the voice of reason.
Facebook is a better platform for this, but if you are limited to 140 words, try: “I am a ___(opposite opinion/ party/ belief) supporter but this (current issue you want to talk about) is pointless and they/we are wrong.” (it’s lying but its okay, the likes will wash away any guilt that you might feel.)
If you are on fb, think of your post as an essay and not something that’s ‘on your mind’.
1- Casually present the issue.
2- Briefly mention both sides of the argument and say both are right.
3- Point out borderline ridiculous arguments of the opponent side or make up some weak ones on your own, then go on to prove them wrong. Do the same for your side, but keep the list short and dont include any of opponent’s argument that might actually hurt your point. (This will be 2/3 of the essay and better have bullet points or people will lose interest).
4- Now you have the reader on your side, who now sees you as an unbiased person and a voice of reason.
5- Now the iron is hot, time to say what you really want to say in a very civilised language, add a few wordy terms of intermediate vocabulary as icing on the top and bam, you are now an intellectual unbiased person and may even win the support of some people who have been indecisive so far.
6- Say something positive about opposite side and mention that you understand them and dont want to hurt their feelings and that they have every right to keep that opinion, you just want them to think with a cool and open mind. (This is necessary cz if the opponent tries to defend his/her opinion in the comments, s/he will look bad and people will take your side, seeing the comment as an attack on a person who is not saying anything wrong.
7- Once posted, do not comment or get into a discussion directly with someone. Let your like-minded people shame the opponents for saying anything. If you are mentioned/tagged, keep repeating that you are not saying that your side is right, you just want people to think with a cool and open mind.
Now you will see “achievement unlocked: voice of reason” notification on your right. If not, try again.

Ppl Pt.2

As you know, I like complaining about IST and every once in a while someone who haven’t been to IST starts saying things like, yes totally, IST is the worst and I switch to: No, you can’t say that. What has it done to you? It has ruined my life and given me depression, PTSD and a weak stomach, what gives you the right to bitch about it? And then there are people who say things like, maybe you don’t hate IST, maybe you hate yourself. Well, fork you man, maybe I hate you. Why can’t they just listen and let me talk shit about my uni. AmIright? Laters 🙂

Summer, opening ceremony

Here is a fun little moment on a Friday. This morning at breakfast, a fly dived in my brother’s tea. My father commented, so the summer have officially started. To which my brother replied, this one gave his life as a ritual sacrifice so the other flies can have a great summer. So yes, consider it an opening ceremony with the ritual sacrifice and everything.

Btw I have decided on the names finally. The old one is Steve Rogers, the friend you can rely on. This new laptop from now will be Bucky Barns, more powerful but a bit rogue. Just this morning I was trying to download Black Flag and although it was downloading fine, it kept saying, ‘there is no connection”. Like an atheist defying the existence of God, while reaping all the benefits of the world. Or maybe it means that it is okay with enjoying perks from the router but doesn’t think there is any ‘serious’ connection. In that case, I don’t know if I am okay spending time with a computer that objectifies routers like this. Well, technically, they are objects to begins with…. wait, does saying that makes me one of them too? Bucky’s is spoiling me and it’s only been a few hours. Laters 🙂

Laptop, Love and cycle of life

So I bought a new laptop. Yea..! (halfhearted cheer). Till a few days ago, buying it was the only thing on my mind like I needed it so bad, but now it’s sitting there on the table while I am typing this on my older laptop. I have been using this for 5 years now and I think I have developed motherly (fatherly?) affection for it, and now parting with it or putting it aside feels like I am neglecting my child.

The whole thought behind buying a new one was that I watch a lot of videos (youtube, movies, tv-series) mostly on laptop because you can’t really consume American media on the tv with your parents around. So I needed a laptop with better screen and a good graphic processor because a faster refresh rate is easy on the eyes and one can never go wrong with bit more vivid colors. I watched a movie on it yesterday and the sound, viewing experience is so much better. But here I am still using this one. I can’t just leave this laptop. 5 years have made it old and outdated perhaps, but has also made it a friend, in a way. It feels easy. It knows me, I understand it. If I give it to someone, he may not appreciate what it is capable of or how to treat it. I think it is time to name this thing, humanize it. BladeRunner, Her and Ex Machina explore ideas like falling in love with a machine, robot or computer code, but this laptop doesn’t even have AI and here I am.

Obviously I am joking, but still it gives rise to some questions like, why am I using this laptop rather than the new one? What makes me feel guilty for putting it aside? Where is it coming from? The answer I think is, 5 years. I have talked about this here a long time ago. Love or true feeling of affection don’t come at first sight. That can be lust. Some people just click off the bat because they have common interests and it is easy to talk with like-minded people. But strong feelings develop over time, slowly. More time you spends together, more deeper the connection. Two people with different personalities if marry and live together long enough, will “fall in love.” They may fight early on, may think that it will not work out, but if they give each other a chance, they will be telling their “love story” as an old couple.

I am not saying love is only a strengthened form of familiarity or habit. A mother’s love for her child is probably the strongest form of love, immeasurable, undeniable and unconditional, But doesn’t it have nothing to do with it being inside her for a few months? Allah can produce off springs of any specie without this painful process but He doesn’t. I think it is because all animals are selfish by nature but when you add love, they are willing to do selfless acts. A baby animal is weak and not ready to survive on it’s own. Thus love is built in the mother over a few months, so when it comes to this world, it has someone to take care of it. Love is not fake, nor are we being played with in a scheme. It is can be true and real, but it serves a purpose, like keeping the cycle of life going.

This took a turn. It was supposed to be light but the stream of thought spiraled out to freaky territory. Who knew a laptop could spark such thoughts in me. Laters 🙂

I might be a narcissist

Just watched a psychology video about Cerebral Narcissism. It says that people who always have something to criticize, are those who have tried to make others like them in the past for what they are. Maybe they tried to be cool and funny but the people did not give them attention so now they have resorted to criticizing things that others can agree with. I though, I am always ranting about things. Mostly Pakistani Media in general and a dozen things about the internet. Maybe I am a narcissist. I blame it on my Facebook friends. If they had given me enough likes on my posts when I was trying to be cool and funny, I would have been a better person.
See how I blamed even the failure in my personality to anyone other than me? Now what do you call this? I don’t know. I need to sit down with a psychologist and figure out all the issues I have and what they are called. It is not a fun way to find out while randomly watching a Youtube video that you are a narcissist. It’s like finding out you are adopted and somehow related to Hitler. I need to take a buzzfeed quiz. Laters 🙂

Power Struggle at the Dairy Farm

Just because I haven’t posted anything in January, doesn’t mean I forgot you. As much as I would like to blame it on finals, it was just me going though life. This one was a boring semester but the grades turned out great and now I am a graduate. I celebrated last week accordingly with a late night emotional break down. It wasn’t that bad, just an episode of grown up thinking. Not a fan of this feeling.

Talking about grown up thinking, now that I am free every evening I go to a dairy farm that is a walking distance away from our house to get some guaranteed pure milk. I didn’t even know it existed until I did. This, lets call it exercise, gives me some time to think about things, like what is entertainment? Why is it so subjective? Why people watch what they watch and do what they do to enjoy? Is entertainment enjoyment or a means of escape? and if it is entertaining because it is a means of escape then what does it say about our lives? You know, thinking about stuff that matters but not really.

Back to the dairy farm, which is the main reason for this blog; they have a lot of chickens, ducks and guinea hens. Chickens include two roosters and about a dozen hens. One of the rooster is more of a god-father. All the hens have offered him their services in exchange for his protection. This have made the other rooster alone and desperate. Every time I go there, he is busy harassing some gair-mehrum hen. Mostly the assaulted hen rejects his advances and joins the other hens and together they protest aloud in bird-language, which I assume are all the gandi galian they have learned around the dung dump. Now the godfather rooster has to step in, making the offender run. This has happened a few times now and by the look that solo rooster gives when he is forced to run, I think he is going to kill the other one some day soon. Maybe even the plan is ready and he is only waiting for the right time to execute. I will update if something interesting happens. Laters 🙂