Why echouniform69? Long story short, it was just a mistake that kind of stuck. Call it a sovenier of good old times. But wait, since we all got time for long stories, why not. I was in 6th grade, maybe 7th. Me and my friends had just discovered Orkut. For those young kids who dont know whats Orkut, it was Google+ before it became Google+. We had this stupid idea of communicating in cypher text, have online code names and even have imaginary fantasy-pets among other crazy things. I dont know why the secrecy when neither our teachers nor our classfellows except ourselves were even on Orkut. Even if they were, they cant see our posts unless we add them. We were stupid but not that stupid to not know this, but still it was fun to talk in code. All we did was make fun of teachers and other students and come up with names to call them. Basic 6th grade stuff.

How I came up with my strange code name made me feel like a smart and thoughtful person at the time but now that I think about it, its cringeworthy. I saw this famous movie,”Behind the Enemy Lines” (low quality pirated CD on my PentiumIII) that introduced me to this relatively common code name system. In the mid 1950’s a system was devised by some military people, which is still being used, maybe not in the military but more in Hollywood movies and amateur radio junkies. I actually found it written on the last few pages of an Oxford dictionary. (It was common to have big bulky english-to-english and english-to-urdu dictionaries at home.) According to the system, A=Alpha , B=Bravo, C=Charlie, D=Delta, E=Echo to U=Uniform and so on…. so in a radio conversation during a war, a soldier named John Conner will be called as “JulietCharlie**” because signals can be caught by the enemy. Where ** will be his specific code. Two soldiers may have same initials. eg. Jim Carrey. Then his number code will be different. So my code became EchoUniform**

Now to choose a 2-digit number. My ‘lucky number’ ie. roll number at the time was 52. (52 was my roll number in primary school and coaccidentally again in middle school,-same middle and high school so- obviously again in high school and magically again in college – *but now at uni its 58) and I should have gone with that but maybe I didn’t felt the significance of this number at that time and the last minute I changed it to 69, coz in my head it arises questions. I thought when people will ask why this number, I will tell them the deep and spiritual meaning behind 69. That never happened. People just assume what it means and almost nobody ever asked me about it. Since you too are probably never going to ask me, let me tell you anyway.

69 is the symbol of yin-yang, which mean the balance of the world and internal harmony. A state of equality between heart and soul. In ‘Angel Numbers’ 69 mean ‘human’, as it is a creature in whom good and evil equally exist. Its also the symbol of zodiac sign of cancer. It symbolize pisces in astrology.  But there are people who give it a very negative meaning. I want to tell people that there is nothing wrong with the number 69.

Now that you know what @echouniform69 means, feel free to spread the word, add 69 to your online name, even start a #Revolution69 but I wont recommend it for obvious reasons.


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